Tanzania is the biggest (land area) among the East African countries of Gapco's operations (i.e. Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania). Tanzania has a spectacular landscape of mainly three physiographic regions namely the Islands and the coastal plains to the east; the inland saucer-shaped plateau; and the highlands. The country has the largest concentration of wild animals. It also has pristine sandy beaches and Africa's highest and snow-capped mountain, Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Dar es Salaam is the commercial capital and major sea port for Tanzania mainland and it serves as a gateway to the neighbouring land-locked countries of Malawi, Zambia, Burundi, and Uganda, as well as Eastern DRC. Other sea ports include Zanzibar, Tanga and Mtwara.

Gapco Tanzania and Gapoil Tanzania

GAPCO Tanzania Limited and GAPOIL Tanzania Limited are the two subsidiary companies of GAPCO Mauritius in operation in Tanzania. They were formed after taking over from Esso and Caltex in 1994. GAPCO Tanzania Head quarter is based in Dar es Salaam.

The two companies imports petroleum products and are one of the largest retailers and marketers of petroleum products. They have an extensive network of Retail stations and depots across the country and are major suppliers to Resellers, independent stations, industrial consumers and other oil companies. The Terminal in Dar es Salaam is one of the                                                              largest terminals in East Africa.