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To be the most preferred and reliable brand in the entire energy value chain, driven by commitment for growth across Africa.


We will realise our vision by:

1. Ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction - we will ensure the highest level of satisfaction to our customers, including vendors, bulk buyers and transporters by engaging with them and striving to comprehend their business and what is critical to them and how we can best serve their requirements.

2. Implementing the highest safety standards - this means we will continually strive to maintain the highest standards of safety in all our operations

3. Cultivating a work environment conducive for career growth and a motivated workforce - we want to be an employer of choice, respected in the market and the community. We will nurture a work environment that will motivate our colleagues as well as provide an avenue for career growth and progression.

4. Ensuring business growth and expansion - we will explore all avenues for growth as well as expansion in the energy value chain

5. Cultivating best practices and technology - this means no effort will be spared in ensuring that we leverage best practices and technology in all areas of our operations

6. Being profitable and ensuring return on investment for our shareholders - Profitability is the basis for future expansion and growth of the business as well as individuals. We will endeavor to ensure profitability of our business

7. Being a socially responsible organisation - we will act appropriately in all our activities and in our interactions with the government, suppliers, customers, vendors transporters and the community at large.